Electronic Monitoring Case Management

Vigilnet specializes in providing full service electronic monitoring services to agencies.

We monitor more than 2,000 offenders each day and in doing so we perform the various tasks listed below. Many of these cases are fully funded by participant payment, which means no cost to your agency. Please contact us if you’re interested in having Vigilnet customize a service model that meets your agency’s needs.

  • Intake and Orientation. All participants undergo a detailed orientation where rules and expectations are explained. Participant questions are answered and a participant agreement is signed acknowledging their understanding of the rules. Daily fee and payment plan is set.
  • Equipment Installation/Removal. Appropriate monitoring device is fitted to the offender. Device care and cleaning is explained. Notification of successful installation or removal is sent to agency.
  • Equipment Maintenance. When maintenance is needed, for example a bracelet battery is low, the offender is notified and scheduled to come into the office to resolve the maintenance issue. The agency/officer is notified of the maintenance task.
  • Alert Management and Reporting. When exceptions to compliance take place, we begin to manage the alert by immediately investigating it, documenting our interactions with the participant and officer, and resolving it by counseling the participant on compliance and rules. When applicable, a formal report is prepared and sent to the officer.
  • Alert Notification. When alerts arise, the predetermined officer notification protocol is followed (email, text message, phone call). The notification protocol can be different for each participant or officer and is highly customizable for each agency we work with.
  • Courtroom Support. We are fully trained and capable of supporting our data and reports in court whenever needed. We have a strong history of successfully presenting our technologies within the states and court systems we do business. We work with judges and corrections officials to create confidence in the reliability and accuracy of our reports. We are also committed to training agency staff on the technologies so that they can support the reports in court when needed.
  • Case Management Meetings. Depending on the type of device being used to monitor an offender, weekly or bi-weekly in-person meetings with the offender are conducted to verify compliance. Topics covered at meetings may include: documentation collection, inspection of device, review of GPS tracking data, adherence to curfew schedule, compliance counseling, fee collection including next payment date/amount, and next appointment.

For additional information, please contact a Vigilnet Representative.

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