Breath Alcohol Monitoring

The SCRAM Remote Alcohol Mobile Breathalyzer

The world’s first handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with automated facial recognition and GPS with every single test. For your lower-risk offenders or those who have earned less intensive testing and monitoring.

SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Tester with GPS Location Monitoring

  • Automated Facial Intelligence™
  • One-piece, handheld, cellular
  • DOT-approved Dräger® fuel cell
  • GPS location with every test
  • Client text message reminders and notifications
  • Rugged, built for corrections
  • Integrates with SCRAMNET™
  • Random, scheduled, on-demand testing

Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI™)

  • The first automated, intelligent bio confirmation system to be used in alcohol testing
  • Government security grade FACIAL RECOGNITION software—not just photos
  • Automated matching—reduces manual review of photos by 90-95%
  • High-resolution images—clearly defines the 5-10% you do review
  • AFI means FTE Officer to Offender Ratios, along with liability, will be drastically reduced

SCRAM Remote Breath Brochure Download the SCRAM Remote Breath Brochure

The BI SL2 Mobile Breathalyzer is a handheld remote breath alcohol technology that transmits breath test results and offender violations in real-time. The device takes a picture of the participant during the breath test to verify identity. The BAC result, real-time photo, and GPS location is instantly transmitted from the device to a secure web portal for the County to review.

Key Features of the SL2

  • Pocket size, one-piece unit
  • Real-time sobriety reports
  • Embedded cellular and GPS module
  • Internal camera for user verification
  • Evidential grade fuel cell technology
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 days on single charge


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